Conference Programme

Here you can access a first version of the Conference Guide for the Statistical Week 2022 in Münster that will be updated in the next days and weeks.

Here you will soon find the Book of Abstracts.

Conference Programme
Data as a Business Model (main topic)
Interpretable Machine Learning (main topic)
Statistics, Data, Corona (main topic)
Gumbel-Lecture: Markus Pauly
Heinz-Grohmann-Lecture: Ulrich Rendtel
Young-Academics Mini-Symposium: Annika Betken: Structural Break Analysis for Time Series
Data Ethics
Computational Statistics und Data Science
Statistical Methods of Geoinformatics
Empirical Economics and Applied Econometrics
Predictive Inference
Statistics in Finance
Modelling High-Dimensional Data in Finance
Competence Development: Data Literacy and Statistics
The Lessons of digital Teaching - What will stay with us?
Methodology of Statistical Surveys
Regional Statistics
Statistics in the Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology
Statistical Theory and Methods
Nonparametric and Robust Statistics
Economic, Social and Market Statistics
Labour and Social Security
National Accounts, Welfare Measurement