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Programme Overview
Conference Programme
Uncertainty Quantification in Data Science (focus topic)
From Census 2022 to register-based Census (focus topic)
Young-Academics Mini-Symposium: Extreme Value Statistics and Climate Change
Bootstrap for Dependent Data
Computational Statistics and Data Science
Computational Statistics and Data Science: Scalable Methods for Dependent Data
Economic, Social and Market Statistics
Economic, Social and Market Statistics: European Statistics (in particular FRIBS, IESS and Micro-Data Exchange)
Economic, Social and Market Statistics: National Accounts
Economic, Social and Market Statistics: Labour and Social Statistics
Education and Training in Statistics
Empirical Economics and Applied Econometrics
Empirical Economics and Applied Econometrics: High-Dimensional Time Series Econometrics
Methodology of Statistical Surveys
Methodology of Statistical Surveys: Non-Probability Surveys
Nonparametric and Robust Statistics
Regional Statistics
Regional Statistics: Geodata and Georeferencing
Statistical Literacy
Statistical Theory and Methods
Statistical Theory and Methods: Dynamic Panel Mathods with High-Dimensional Data
Statistics in Finance
Statistics in Finance: High-Dimensional Asset Management
Statistics in the Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology
Statistics in the Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology: Data Science and Technology
DGD: Effects of morbidity in old age
Tutorial: Introduction to Python with focus on Machine Learning and Text Mining Methods